lördag 17 mars 2018

Said about Power Trilogy:

Swedish readers comments about Power Trilogy (Makttrilogin)

DESPAIR: "Despair is a gripping story from the first page.The reader is taken on a journey not only for the murder of a woman in Djursholm, but also on a journey that describes a reality for many vulnerable women today. It is a story of violence in everyday life, about female revenge, about the hidden victims of youth rebellion with the help of social media and traditional protests ... ... but I could not put it down and read the entire stretch on a weekend. Recommend!"
/ Boktipset Lorenna G.

IMPACT: "Of all the mystery independent  publishers in Sweden, Lourdes Daza Gillman must be one of the most promising. She writes with great authority: her strong commitment pulses also through the other police novel about colleagues Sanna and Donald in Stockholm Criminal ... ..." 
/ Culture journalist Bengt Eriksson.

VANVETT (The book is under translation): "Daza-Gillman writes with such intensity that I had to put down my book and catch my breath. For what she narrates is terrible. 
Realism? Fiction? How much of either? ... "
/ Deckarlogg - Bengt Eriksson