tisdag 25 september 2018

A dark trilogy about women's vulnerability in a modern society.

The first book, DESPAIR, is based on decades of research and thoughts about women's underlying causes of women's vulnerability, and the role of the children as the invisible victims. My interest in thorough research, which has always been a natural part of my way of working, made me discover new subjects that led to the writing of the two subsequent books, IMPACT and MISERY, the 3:rd book in being translated and will be available soon.

The books are raw and to some extent dark, but they also show how the power of sole individuals and smaller groups can make a big difference. It has been interesting to see how some of the events I wrote about in Despair 2013 now taken real form in today's metoo-protests in Sweden and in the rest of the world.

Power Trilogy has received a positive response from both readers and reviewers.