Lourdes Daza-Gillman was born in Bolivia. While living in London during the 1970s she developed a passionate interest in the injustices faced by women around the world. However, her studies and observations were put on hold when she moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she began a long career at Ericsson as an engineer. In 2005 Lourdes Daza-Gillman was elected to the board of Feministiskt Initiativ, a women’s movement, and was directly involved in the efforts to make FI a political force. She now had the opportunity to focus on causes close to her heart – raising women’s low wages, preventing men’s violence against women and helping children brought up under these circumstances.

Lourdes has written a trilogy of crime drama/thrillers. Despair – Power Trilogy book 1 and Impact – Power Trilogy book 2 are available all over the world. The third book is available in Swedish language and will soon be available to her English readers.

Lourdes Daza-Gillman is also an artist. In 1969 she held her first exhibition in Oxford, England. In Stockholm she has exhibited oil paintings, sculpture and glassware. Today, she spends a great deal of her free time dancing and physical training.