After a long, drunken night at a man’s apartment, she disappears into a world she could never have imagined, not even in her worst nightmares. And it hits her that nobody knows where she is.

At the same time, Sanna Johansson and her team reopen a case involving the brutal murder of a police cadet, whose body was found in a container in Huddinge. This after the police cadet had been conducting a surveillance operation into sex trafficking in Stockholm. Now, the race is on to find out who else is involved and make sure there are no more victims.

Richard Strömmer, an unscrupulous police colleague does everything he can to obstruct the investigation. Why?

In MISERY Sana Johansson is drawn into the most complicated situation of her life. She is forced to make drastic decisions and form a new, heterogeneous group, whose only goal is to crush the most feared mafia organisation in Sweden.

A radical plan unfolds and the price is far higher than anyone anticipated.

Power Trilogy’s third book – Misery – will be released at the end of the year.