Here some information about where to get Power Trilogy.

All Power Trilogy editions are available as e-books and paperback, both KINDLE on Amazon and EPUB on Adlibris, Bokus and booksellers worldwide.

DESPAIR – Power Trilogy book 1.
Detective Inspector Sanna Johansson confronts with her past when a man from a well-known upper-class family is suspected of brutally murdering his wife in front of the eyes of their child. The murder raises strong reactions in Johansson and she's determined to trap the culprit. But the suspect's father, a powerful man, will stop at nothing to keep up appearances and he is prepared to take the law into his own hands.

IMPACT – Power Trilogy book 2.
The horrific sex murder of a middle-aged man is the start of a tough, almost bizarre police investigation. Sanna Johansson and her team have been assigned to the case. Before long they realize this is a far from straightforward investigation. The entire crime scene has been decontaminated and they soon discover a connection with several unsolved killings across the country, where the methods used were identical and no clues were left behind.

MISERY – Power Trilogy book 3 is a gripping drama/thriller about human trafficking crime, where detective inspector Sanna Johansson is drawn into the most challenging situation of her life. She finds herself teaming up with people outside of the police force, rolling out a plan with a price far higher than anyone anticipated